Over the years I have often felt like I needed to wait for the right feeling to take action – I need to wait until I feel good to go and talk to that person, or I need to wait until I don’t feel down to go out and go to that concert/see friends. I have always had the notion or belief that I need to wait until something feels good, I feel confident or I don’t feel sad, anxious, depressed or tired to do that thing I wanted.

This has often led to me not taking any action or doing the thing I really want to do – from simply reading a book that I want to read to doing a different job or starting up a business of my own. It even includes doing the cleaning or washing up. It has covered a whole range of things.

However, I have come to realise over the past few months that the concept of waiting until I feel good or feel different to do something is just a concept/belief that I do not need to pay attention to – I can actually take that action even if I feel like I can’t be bothered, unconfident, nervous or anxious. I have seen that I do not need to feel perfect or wait for that specific moment to do things, I can actually take that step and take some action (even if it is a little bit). 

A simple example where I see this quite regularly is going to the gym – If I feel like I can’t be bothered or tired then I will be tempted to not go, but I go anyway. What I often find is that 5 minutes in I am actually enjoying myself and feeling totally up for it. If I waited to feel good or perfect, then I wouldn’t have gone and I wouldn’t have been feeling good doing my workout.

I saw that there are a load of examples in my life where this has happened and I am sure there are loads in your life too. Another, perhaps relatable, example is going out – I have not felt like going out, but gone anyway (after an espresso or three 😀 ). An hour later….I am having an awesome time. 

Yes, there are times where I am going to perform/turn up better, but I see that these times are not always that common and if I waited to feel perfect or good to do something then I would never do anything (not even clean the house or read a book).

So over the last few months I have noticed that I identify earlier when I am not taking action due to me waiting to feel good (like this morning) and then I can make a decision – Get up and do something or continue to lay there watching baseball. This morning I chose to get up and write this post (and do the laundry, hoovering and some dusting – for once 😁). 

Other days, however, I have chosen to continue laying on the sofa, but that is ok too – Today I wouldn’t have written this post (which I hope may be of some use to someone), but that is ok. I (and you) don’t always need to take action and it is the human experience that we will still fall into inaction. It is also, of course, fine to take the decision to relax and watch TV or sunbathe (I wish…😅), but it is still a decision that I made and I can make in the future. 

One last thing, that I also now see more often than not, is that I am not able to reliable predict how I am going to feel in the future. However, that is perhaps another topic for a future post. 

I hope that this was useful and I hope you have an excellent weekend!