Hi, my name is Stuart Rawlins and I am a wellbeing and business coach. My journey into personal development and personal clarity started at school where I was an overweight and bullied kid. I hated school, so much so that I distinctly walking into my second form school, looking at the sign of the ages that were accepted (11-18) and thought “ugh 7 more years”. Mental clarity was far from my grasp at this point. Fast forward nearly 10 years and I had reached my bottom triggered by a break up in my 8 yearlong term relationship. I had depression, anxiety, OCD and insomnia. I was regularly sleeping 3 hours a night for 4 years until the point where I was not functioning properly, mentally and physiologically. I was not in a good place.

However, after an old university friend invited me to his brother’s wedding, I met my now life coach, Ankush Jain, and some of his former clients. What struck me was not the few minutes that I talked to Ankush, but the conversations that I had with one of his clients. This client had previously been where I was – rock bottom and not looking forward to life. In actual fact he was considering ending it. What he said resonated with me and I got to wondering how he was now seemingly living in clarity or internal freedom. To hit that rock bottom, like me, and to seemingly have left it all behind. He had re-discovered where his experience of life came from and this had fundamentally changed his life and circumstances. I wanted this.

Fast-forward 3 years and I am a coach doing an apprenticeship with my coach and receiving mentoring from an experienced Canadian life coach, Chip Chipman. In the period after meeting my coach and the client I mentioned, I had dropped all my mental health problems and re-discovered “mental wellness” or the innate mental health that I believe we all have. There are times where I fall back into feeling anxious or stress, but these are becoming less often, less strong and lasting for a shorter period. I am not living what I classify as my best life since I was a little kid running around in the backyard wondering what I had done with my Captain Scarlet car (it was in the leaf pile my dad had just raked together). In work (Civil Service for 10 years) I am able to be more productive and less rushed in my head and I have set up my own business (coaching) to work towards a future that I want to create for myself and, importantly to me, to help others create a future that they want.

I fully believe everyone can re-discover what I have re-discovered and live in their innate calmness. I am here to help you with this, whether that is in relation to your personal life, business life or, as I often find inter-related, both.